Are you interested in effective and comfortable laser hair removal? That’s what you’ll find here at DermMedica. We have been offering laser hair removal treatments for many years, and our technique and equipment has only improved in that time. The treatment that we offer today is the most advanced we’ve ever used. It’s faster, more comfortable and works on more types of skin and hair colors.

This is a pretty well-advertised treatment these days, but there are still many people who don’t know what to expect from laser hair removal. If you have questions about laser hair removal, and what kind of experience you’ll have at our clinic, you may find the following information helpful. We’re going to take you through a typical treatment at our clinic, from the consultation to the recovery.

The Consultation

Every treatment begins with a personalized consultation. Laser hair removal may seem like just a simple treatment, but there are many factors that could make you a better or worse candidate for it. Our laser hair removal technician will go over your issues with you, and recommend the best laser treatment based on your needs and the needs of your unique skin.

Once the consultation is completed, we’ll set a date for your first treatment.

The Treatment

Our modern laser hair removal is a simple treatment. The part that will be applied to your skin is a hand-held attachment that will be operated by our trained technician. The device isolates small sections of the skin, so the hair can be treated directly with the laser. When you’re receiving the treatment, each application of the laser will look like a quick flash, followed by a light stinging sensation on the skin.

You will not notice differences immediately. It takes several treatments for the machine to take effect, for several reasons. First, just one treatment is usually not enough to destroy the hair follicles. Also, hairs do not have an identical growth cycle, so some hairs are simply not possible to target in only a single treatment.


This is the final stage of our treatment.

A laser treatment will rarely require any recovery time. In almost all cases, you can resume your normal activities as soon as you’re out the door. The operation itself is almost painless now, so a mild soreness is usually all that’s to be expected. It’s possible that you may experience no discomfort whatsoever once your treatment is complete

More recovery time may be necessary if you have darker skin. Darker skin tones require more heat to treat, and that may translate to more damage to the skin, and a longer recovery time. This is still unlikely, however. Patient comfort is important to us, and we have the experience to use the laser as delicately as possible while still removing the hair.