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Did she notice? Is that the reason it didn’t work out with her? What will this new girl think of me? Does she think I have an STD? All these thoughts and more race through your head when you have this condition. It is benign and harmless and not any fault of yours but still, it sucks! Don’t worry any longer, there is an excellent treatment for fordyce spots to remove them permanently in just one session. Imagine a lifetime of freedom from worry and embarrassment, time to move on with life and deal with it once and for all.


Dr. Crippen removes Fordyce spots on the shaft of the penis and occasionally the male scrotum using the latest and most effective laser technology, a fractional CO2 ablative laser. This frustrating condition is sometimes confused with HPV and other STIs, but the bumps are not contagious and not the result of sexual activity, or even personal habits. Instead, they form as a result of genetics.

Fordyce Spots can be embarrassing but do not cause discomfort on the part of sexual partners and don’t present a health risk. We respond to each individual case by creating a minimally-invasive and effective laser treatment plan.


Since fordyce spots are a skin variation and not a medical problem, they do not cause discomfort. The only symptom is the appearance of the bumps along the shaft of the penis and scrotum. Fordyce spots are a genetic variation of normal in men however in some men these spots are larger and can cause more cosmetic issues than in others. 

Removing fordyce spots is usually best accomplished using a laser than by surgical methods becuase the laser will leave less of a scar. Dr. Crippen recommends only treating the larger and more obvious lesions as these are normal in the skin and shouldn’t be cause for concern unless they are much larger than average.


Dr. Crippen at DermMedica has been removing PPP and fordyce spots for many years and prospective patients travel from all over Canada to have this procedure performed by him because of his experience. Dr. Crippen can discuss your concerns and needs at an assessment.

The DermMedica clinic is designed with the needs of our patients in mind. There are private consultation rooms to discuss your skin condition, you don’t need to line up at a reception desk like so many other clinics to pay for your treatment either. Very few clinics offer this level of confidentiality to create a level of comfort.

When you make an appointment for a consultation about fordyce spots, Dr. Crippen will be able to discuss the process and your specific needs with you. He will examine you and tell you what results you can expect. The consultation is the perfect time to ask any questions you have and to discuss the treatment with Dr. Crippen. You will receive additional information that is important in understanding the procedure and making the best choice for you.

This video demonstrates the technology used for PPP removal but it is identical to the procedure performed for Fordyce Spots.


Fordyce Spots cause no pain and are not dangerous from a health perspective so some men will choose to leave the condition untreated. However, many men find them embarrassing. Current or previous partners may have been concerned by their appearance or judgmental of them. This remedy removes the unpleasant emotional and social fallout that the papules can cause. 

Fordyce Spots elimination is achieved via a simple outpatient procedure called a C02 laser treatment. A C02 laser is used to vaporize the spots just like we do to vaporize sun damaged or wrinkled or scarred skin. This procedure can take as little as a few minutes to perform. The laser removes moisture from them and promotes the growth of healthy and youthful skin in their place. As a result, there is minimal risk and time loss associated with it. The cost of the procedure is low compared to the potential emotional benefits and alleviation of stigma.

During the procedure, the area is cleaned and a topical numbing agent is applied. No injections are involved. The anesthetic makes it so you will not feel anything during the procedure.

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