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Released in 1984, Don Henley wrote in his Boys of Summer song “I can see you. Your brown skin shining in the sun. You got that hair slicked back. And those Wayfarers on, baby” What an incredible song that brings back fabulous memories but also tells us where we received most of our sun exposure, during our youth. We have a wide variety of options to treat sun damaged skin these days and surgery isn’t always required and can usually be avoided in most cases. Let’s feel about our skin the way Don Henley felt in his song: “And I can tell you my love for you will still be strong. After the boys of summer have gone.”

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  • I have had the pleasure of seeing Dr. Crippen for awhile now, he does botox injections for me every 3 months. I was very nervous at first, but the staff and Dr. Crippen made me feel at ease right away. He is a wonderful Doctor, very caring and does a fantastic job. I highly recommend Dr. Crippen. Staff is also excellent!!! Thank you.

    LK Jan 15, 2013
  • Dr. Crippen is an absolute maser with Botox. I’ve had little filler implants done around my face, my ears and lips so far, and each operation came out looking exactly the way I had hoped. Not too puffy, not too thin.

    John Savill Sep 4, 2014
  • This place does the best work of all the skincare clinics I’ve tried in the Vancouver area. I go back periodically for new botox and juvederm injections, and they always make it look brand new and just right every single time. This place has earned my business.

    Greg Monte Aug 26, 2014
  • I was deeply impressed with the work of this clinic. We visited for my teenage daughter after over-the-counter medications had failed her. The acne removal treatment recommended and performed by Doctor Crippen was incredibly effective. We’ve been back for a couple more treatments over the years, and they are all as effective. I wanted to note in particular that he and the staff had a wonderful manner while administering treatment. My daughter typically hates clinical environments but she always felt very comfortable here.

    Phoebe Provenzano Jun 29, 2014
  • This is the only place that I’ve gone for age spots since it opened. I loved how easily I could schedule at short notice, and the commitment the staff showed to making sure that I understood everything I wanted to know. I was treated very well here.

    Yolanda Tighman Sep. 05, 2014
  • I loved how little time it took to set up the chemical peel treatment and to get it. Your clinic made the day very convenient for me, especially since two other clinics had already told me that they couldn’t fit me in that. Your chemical peel was also one of the most effective that I’ve ever had. I’m extremely satisfied.

    SeasonDucharme Sep. 5, 2014
  • I had excellent results with a Coolsculpting operation at this clinic. Dr. Crippen took me through everything I wanted to know before we started, and I was still surprised at how easy it was. It took a little longer than I would have liked for the results to kick in, but I didn’t change anything and I lost weight.

    Ami Hamann Aug 26, 2014
  • My coolsculpting treatment was first performed at this clinic, at the Kelowna location, which might be their only one. I’ve never had coolsculpting performed anywhere else, so I can’t judge the quality compared to other clinics, but it was really effective. The procedure was completely painless and didn’t even feel uncomfortable. The easiest weight I have ever lost.

    Ron Woodhouse Jul 06, 2014
  • Dr Crippen performed the Juvederm treatment in a highly professional, caring and pleasant manner. I found the entire experience to be a comfortable one and despite having some initial reservations/nervousness, both he and his extremely competent staff, made me feel totally at ease and reassured. I cannot speak highly enough of the entire experience of being treated by Dr Crippen and his staff.

    DC Feb 9, 2012
  • I chose DermMedica hoping they would be able to help me with my lips. Dr. Crippen recommended a Juvederm filler, and I’m thrilled with both how easy it was and how great it looks. I was particularly pleased with the end result of the lip filler because I’ve had friends with that swollen look, and I did not want any part of that.

    Harold Elliott Sep. 2, 2014

Sun Damage

Sun Damage and Your Skin – Results of UV Exposure

  • Actinic Keratosis – a precancerous growth on the skin (most common)
  • Basal Cell Carcinoma – a skin growth that is the result of sun exposure but one that will not spread beyond the skin
  • Squamous Cell Carcinoma – a sun related skin cancer that can sometimes spread to other organs
  • Malignant Melanoma – a very deadly skin cancer that must be removed immediately
  • Lentigo Maligna – a pre-malignant lesion that should also be removed as it may become a melanoma one day

Before & After treatment for long history of sun exposure and clear sun damage.

What Are the Symptoms of Sun Damage?

  • Rough and dry skin lesions
  • Patches or growths on the skin
  • Localized growths
  • Appearance on the face, scalp, back of the hands, chest, or other common sun-exposed areas
  • Gray, pink, red, or flesh-colored discoloration
  • Begins as flat and scaly evolving into a wart-like or rough surface

What Are the Causes of Sun Damage?

Actinic Keratosis is specifically caused by repeated sun exposure. Ultraviolet light damages the elastin (elastic) fibers in the skin leading to increased signs of aging and vulnerability to the effects of sun damaged skin. Common risk factors contributing to the expression of sun damage are:

  • Having fair skin, blue or green eyes, or blond or red hair
  • Long-term, daily sun exposure (for example, if you work outdoors)
  • Multiple, severe sunburns early in life
  • Older age

As a result, it is imperative to keep a strict regimen in terms of sun exposure throughout your life.  Dr. Crippen recommends daily application of a UV-A and UV-B blocking sunscreen to help prevent the most common types of skin cancer.

What Are the Treatments?

Botox Cosmetic
Chemical Peels
Erbium Laser
Fractional CO2 Laser
Photodynamic Therapy


How Does Photodynamic Therapy Work?

Photodynamic therapy (PDT) uses a light and a light activated medication (photosensitizing medication) that destroys the problem skin tissues.

When the photosensitizing medication is applied to the problem skin tissue and activated by light, the medication produces a toxic reaction that damages the unwanted skin cells. The body will naturally shed these cells producing newer, healthier skin in their place.  Levulan is a type of medication that does just this.  Once the medicine has had time to incubate on the surface of the skin this gives enough time for the abnormal skin cancer cells to take up the medication (normal cells will not in such a short period of time ie., 4 hours) and then when Blue Light activates the medication, this in turn destroys the skin cancer cells.

What Conditions Does Photodynamic Therapy Treat?

What is the Procedure?

At DermMedica, the average Photodynamic Therapy appointment is 5-30 minutes. Patients are scheduled for a quick 10-15 minute appointment early in the day to receive the application of the photosensitizing medication. Patients can then leave the office while the medication incubates and then return in 2-3 hours for the blue light activation treatment.

What is the Recovery Time?

7-10 days – Common effects during recovery of a Photodynamic Therapy treatment include redness, flaking of the skin, tenderness and irritability. Patients are advised to avoid excessive sun exposure and maintain healthy skin moisture as an important part of the recovery process.

What Are the Expected Results?

Younger, softer, smoother skin is the expected result of a Photodynamic Therapy treatment. Best results are achieved after 2-3 sessions and may require more treatments depending on the severity and scope of the condition being treated.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Sun Damage Spots Be Removed Permanently?

Many types of sun damage spots can be removed permanently. Whether or not these spots can be easily removed depends on the type of spot, and how much time it has been given to develop. It is almost always preferable to treat sun damage as soon as it’s visible. Timely treatment will minimize the threat of permanent spots.

How Long, or How Many Treatments Does It Take to Remove Spots of Sun Damage?

Depending on the characteristics of the spot and the type of treatments that is used, most removals will take anywhere from one to a half-dozen sessions. While non-invasive, our laser treatments are powerful instruments that can only treat small surface area of skin at a time. Larger and darker spots of sun damage will require more treatments.

Which of the Listed Treatments Is the Best Option for Sun Damage?

Each of the treatments listed above may be considered for different cases of sun damage. Some are more intense than your treatment may require, while others are too gentle to remove the spot you want to target. Our doctor will choose the best treatment for your case during your consultation.

What Is the Best Treatment for Sun Damaged Skin?

The best treatment for UV photodamaged skin is Levulan photodynamic therapy. It not only reduces your risk for skin cancer, but provides excellent cosmetic improvements in the treated area.

What Is the Best Treatment for Brown Sun Spots?

A few treatments might be good options, including IPL light based therapy or Q-Switched laser therapy. It all depends on the area treated and the appearance of the lesions. Dr. Crippen can give you an idea of the best treatment during your consultation.

Is Sun Damage Permanent?

That is a good question. Yes and no. Sun damage permanently denatures collagen and elastin over time but we can improve both of those with laser treatments.

What Is the Most Efficient Way to Improve My Sun Damaged Skin?

There are many ways to describe “sun damaged skin” but there are usually always some effective options for your particular situation. Some patients have lines & wrinkles, some patients have brown spots and some patients have red spots. There are a few options including Levulan PDT and Fractional CO2 laser therapy but it really depends on the particular patients case.

How Can I Reverse the Effects of 5 Years of Tanning?

If your skin looks fairly normal the only treatment recommendation is avoiding tanning and excessive sun exposure and possibly a few Levulan PDT treatments to reduce the number of abnormal skin cells.

Is It Possible for Someone at Age 24 to Repair All of the Sun Damage?

At this time, it is not possible to removal ALL sun damage as there is no way to quantify how much damage there is before and after treatment. The key going forward is to monitor your skin closely for changes and use sun protection measures daily.

What is the Most Effective, Cost Effective, and Safest Way to Remove Sunspots?

The most common way to remove sun spots (lentigos) on the skin is by using lasers that treat melanin. Some of those treatments include IPL, Alexandrite and q-switched or picosecond lasers.

How to Treat Sun Damaged Skin and Still Enjoy the Sun?

You can have sun damaged skin and have it treated but you can’t go out in the sun right after treatment in most cases. The key is to have the skin treated, allow it to heal slowly over time and then be careful with future sun exposure.

How to Restore Dull Skin from Sun Damage?

The best treatment to refresh and rejuvenate the skin is our DermaPeel treatment. This uses fractional CO2 laser technology to gently remove skin and encourage new skin growth in the place of old sun damaged skin tissue.

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