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Why Should I Come to DermMedica for Non-Surgical Body Treatment?

The CoolTone and CoolSculpting experts at DermMedica offer total body sculpting care. Our beautiful CoolSculpting center has every applicator for customized fat reduction, as well as CoolTone, the newest technology designed to combine with CoolSculpting to strengthen, tighten, and tone all the muscles under the fat.


Our patients can get everything treated at once to obtain the best results. We offer all the applicators for fat reduction and skin tightening. We are experts in non-surgical body contouring, offering the most advanced technologies available. Additionally, we are one of the top rated CoolSculpting/CoolTone medical clinics in the country and 3rd clinic in the country to offer CoolTone to our patients.

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CoolTone vs Emsculpt


The magnetic muscle stimulation (MMS) used with CoolTone technology penetrates into the muscle layers and causes involuntary strong muscle contractions.


The body responds to these contractions by strengthening its muscle fibers, resulting in improved muscle conditioning.


Whether targeting the abdomen, buttocks, or thighs, CoolTone strengthens, tones, and firms the muscles in the treated area, resulting in a more defined and toned appearance.


CoolTone has 50 percent more magnetic intensity than the leading competitor (1.35 T versus 0.9 T) at the point of contact.*

cooltone vs emsculpt

By Toning your Muscles With CoolTone® Kelowna, You Can

Rediscover Your True Strength At DermMedica With CoolTone®

All of us have to deal with low muscle strength in certain areas. It keeps us from feeling our best and feeling confident in ourselves – how unfortunate! Thankfully, we now have cooltone®, a revolutionary new technology that can strengthen and tighten muscles that can’t be achieved even with exercise.

cooltone® is a procedure that requires no downtime and that tightens and firms muscles on the abdomen, buttocks and legs. You will see and feel stronger, firmer muscles after your treatments.

As the first BC cooltone® provider in 2023, we are uniquely qualified to perform treatments.  You will sit back, relax and watch those muscles get stronger and more toned quickly with no downtime.


Both Men and women seeking a safe and effective muscle toning and strengthening treatment plan in Kelowna will enjoy the following advantages:

Are you a man or woman who is sick and tired of hating how you feel in the abdomen, buttocks or legs in the morning?

Is your body image negatively impacting how you interact with others in your life?

Have you almost given up hope about feeling confident in your own skin?

If so, don’t give up, we can help with one of the top body shaping treatments available today.

cooltone® in Kelowna


CoolTone®’s muscle toning and strengthening technology can be used to treat a number of areas on the body, including the abdomen, buttocks and legs.

COOLTONE® KELOWNA Treatments - What To Expect

The CoolTone® applicator is placed on the area with desired toning. One or two applicators are used depending on the size of the area.

Then the session starts and lasts for 30 minutes during which time you will feel your muscles contract very quickly.

For many patients at our Kelowna clinic, CoolTone® results in natural and noticeable muscle toning in treated areas in just a few weeks. This is without the risks and recovery time of more invasive treatments.

 CoolTone® is not suited to those looking to lose weight or with obesity. It is for those looking for a body-shaping procedure that can get them the tighter and firmer surfaces they’ve always wanted. CoolTone® gives the treated area a smooth, lean and toned look. Our patients are very satisfied with their results.



Since there is no surgery, injections, or anesthesia, patients can return to their everyday life immediately after their treatment.  There is no requirement for any downtime after treatment.

With our cooltone® treatment, you will see muscle strengthening and toning with each session however multiple treatments are required for optimal results.

What happens to the muscles? The cooltone® treatment stimulates thousands of muscle contractions that in turn causes the body to repair and strengthen the muscles leaning to a firmer and more toned appearance.


DermMedica is a cooltone® certified practice. We were the first clinic all of BC to offer this treatment as a certified practice. DermMedica’s staff receive extensive training and quality monitoring from the creators of this procedure. This certification reflects a commitment to safety and patient satisfaction. We have been performing CoolSculpting® since 2011 and cooltone® is an extension of this treatment.

As we were the first to perform this procedure in BC, we have been performing CoolTone® since June 2023, making DermMedica the most experienced clinic in the entire province of BC for this body shaping and toning procedure.

cooltone® IN KELOWNA, BC

Are you a man or woman who is sick and tired of hating how you feel when you get dressed in the morning? Is your body image negatively impacting how you interact with others in your life? Have you almost given up hope about feeling good in your own skin? If so, don’t give up, we can help with one of the top body shaping and muscle strengthening treatments available today.

2 Important Reasons to Choose DermMedica as your Cooltone Provider in Kelowna

  1. We were the first clinic to perform CoolTone® in Kelowna, in 2023! Come and check out our brand new clinic which opened in 2020!
  2. No commissions. No pressure. Our providers do not receive a commission/kick back on each procedure they sell/perform. This is a big deal. The treatment plan we create for you will not be influenced by someone trying to sell you more than you need.

Treatment Spotlight:


DermMedica was the first clinic in Kelowna to offer the cooltone® technology in 2023. We are experienced and knowledgeable in delivering this procedure. It is important to have an experienced clinic performing this muscle strengthening treatment. Dr. Crippen at DermMedica is certified by the American Board of Laser Surgery in cosmetic laser procedures and DermMedica is a cooltone® certified practice. Not all clinics attain this important distinction.

PROCEDURE TIME: 30+ minutes depending on area treated
RECOVERY TIME: No downtime
LASTS: Months but requires maintenance
TECHNIQUE: Applicators attach to area of concern to stimulate muscle contraction
RESULTS: Few Weeks
PAIN LEVEL: Minimal. Tightening and muscle contractions that are required to stimulate tightening and toning.
ANESTHESIA: None required

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