CoolSculptingTM vs Liposuction Surgery in Kelowna

By: Dr. Craig Crippen

Items to Consider



Major, Invasive surgery?NOYES
Need for General Anesthesia?NOYES
Need for Local Anesthesia?NOYES
Risk of Blood Clot, Stroke, Fat Embolism?NOYES
Smooth, Natural looking results afterwards?YESMAYBE
Requires needles, cutting, incisions or anything invasive?NOYES
Can you watch TV while having the procedure done?YESNO
New technology or Old Technology?NEWOLD
Is the fat removed naturally by your body?YESNO – surgically
Can other tissues be damaged besides the fat?NOYES
Skin tightening occurs with procedure?YESNO
Zero downtime?YESNO
How long does the procedure take?1 hour per area>3 hours at least