It’s happened before we knew it: fall is here, and winter is coming. It means a seasonal switch to muted spice colours and a lot more fabric everywhere. For many people, it’s an excuse to ignore their bodies for a few months of the year until suddenly bikini season approaches and they panic. For more thoughtful people, it’s an opportunity for strategic self care.

Thanks to sophisticated modern techniques, many cosmetic adjustments require minimal or no downtime. They can, however, leave visible marks in the form of swelling, redness, or other signs of temporary irritation.

That’s why winter is an opportunity.

Winter, rather than summer, is a great time to take care of things like laser hair removal, which gives lasting results but requires a series of treatments spaced out over weeks, and can also cause a reddened, freckled appearance immediately after each treatment. By scheduling the course of treatments for winter months when pants are the norm, the patient can avoid any downtime due to laser treatments.

Spider vein treatments, varicose vein treatments, laser hair removal, and laser tattoo removal are all procedures where the patient can benefit from a more covered-up clothing style while he or she recovers.

Another issue is that exposing newly-treated skin to harsh summer light can (depending on the procedure and the particular patient’s response) cause hyperpigmentation, an unwanted side effect resulting in brown spots which then themselves may have to be treated. By waiting till weak winter light is in effect, and by covering the affected area with clothing, you minimize the odds of this happening to you.

For more major body changes, as with Coolsculpting, warm winter layers can disguise significant, sudden changes in body mass and thus the change in appearance seems more gradual to friends and family.