Looking good as we age is no longer just the concern of women, but men too are now ditching old stereotypes and sidling up to their local cosmetic physician for cosmetic treatments.  Botox is the most commonly performed cosmetic treatment in the world with about 6.1 million of these treatments alone happening in the united states in 2012.  This number is undoubtedly larger for 2014 as is the percent of male patients having this treatment performed.  Br0-tox, or Brotox as it’s called is essentially Botox for men.  There is no special treatment for men compared to women, just that the dosages used need to be modified because the male facial musculature is naturally more developed than in women.

Now Brotox, or Botox isn’t the only treatment men are having these days, consider also laser hair removal, laser tattoo removal, laser resurfacing, varicose vein treatments, chemical peels and so much more.  Men are finally learning that looking good into your golden years can bring you a lot of satisfaction and self-confidence you didn’t have before.  Natural good-looking results are very important and that’s what Dr. Crippen achieves with his treatments.  At our DermMedica clinic in Kelowna, we treat both men and women on a regular basis.  He believes that the goal of the cosmetic physician isn’t to change your looks, but rather to enhance or restore them to their previous natural state as much as possible.  No-one likes the look of a fake, tight face that screams “bad surgery”, it’s the bad ones out there that give the aesthetics industry a bad name.  Be careful who you choose for your cosmetic treatments and make sure you feel comfortable with whomever you choose, your gut instincts are usually correct.

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