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Botox Injections

People love to look young. So as we age, we commonly start fearing our birthdays. This isn’t to say that people don’t like to party. It just means that aging brings about wrinkles and other reminders that time is continually passing by. There are some dangerous repercussions to wanting to look younger than your age, however. And they predominantly come with plastic surgeries.

People love to look young – but they also want to look young naturally. The plastic and stretched look that is often associated with face lifts don’t exactly provide that naturally youthful look that most people crave. It is important, of course, to research the appropriate means by which we can rejuvenate our appearances without going the plastic surgery route.

This is where Botox injections come in. The sad thing though is that Botox injections have also received a bad rap. This is not because of the injections themselves, but because of who is doing the injecting. It cannot be stressed enough that Botox injections must always be performed by trained and licensed physicians. At [acf field=”practice_name” post_id=”options”], of course, this is the case.

In fact, Dr. Crippen has been performing Botox injections for over a decade. He happens to hold the distinction of not just being one of the most experienced physicians in Canada, but one who happens to have injected more Botox than any other physician in the British Columbia interior. Now, how’s that for experience? You don’t just have to take our word for it though.

In a very informative YouTube video:

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Dr. Julius Few runs down the list of reasons that patients should be apprehensive about the person who is injecting them with any type of medicine. Sadly, when unlicensed practitioners perform Botox injections, they may inject the wrong amount of the medicine and may also do so in the wrong muscles of the face. This can lead to drooping and other disfigurements.

“If your treater is not willing to discuss what it is that he or she is using (or) if your treater is not willing to discuss the risk and benefits of the treatment. If your treater is focused exclusively on trying to pressure you to do things that you’re not really expressing interest in, I think these are some of the warning signs that you should be looking out for,” warns Dr. Few.

“I also think that, in general, patients should look at where it is they’re having the treatment,” he continues, “Really, as patients go further away from the doctor’s office, they have to be more paranoid about what it is that they’re going to get. If you’re in a mall or a salon, it’s gonna take a little bit of extra effort to make sure that the person who’s treating you is the appropriate person.”

Evidently, it pays to have the right person performing your Botox injections. The last thing you want is any complications that stem from an inappropriate dose of Botox by someone who shouldn’t have performed the injection in the first place. If you have any questions about Botox injections, be sure to call [acf field=”practice_name” post_id=”options”] toll free at 1-866-861-3070, or if you are in Kelowna, call [acf field=”phone” post_id=”options”].