The Montreal Gazette recently published an article that every parent should read. Acne has always been thought of as one of the unfortunate necessities of adolescence. It’s always been a common and significant source of discomfort and humiliation for people who are already in a difficult stage of life—but does it have to be? Doctors are saying: “Maybe not.”

The Future: Here Already?

With medical news focused on the greatest new life-saving treatments, most people are in the dark about the things that are going on in skincare. The truth is, the skincare industry has had a incredibly exciting decade. Newer, safer and more effective treatments are being adopted in clinics on a regular basis.

Acne is one area where new treatments have been particularly impressive. That’s why many doctors are now claiming that acne and acne scars may be treatable in more cases than ever before.

As Dr. Jason Rivers points out in the article, acne doesn’t have to be the rite of passage that many people wrongly assume that it is. This is particularly important to understand, he stresses, because acne can have lifelong consequences. Many people are living with scarring from their experiences with acne, and others still experience new breakouts decades after they’re out of their teens.

It’s true that not all acne or acne scarring can be treated the same way. What’s made the difference for many people is the number and variety of acne treatments that exist now. Doctors trying to treat skin conditions like acne can choose options from drugs to laser treatments to dermal fillers. Even old scars from acne can now be diminished or even erased.

What Does It Mean for Your Child?

Even without acne, a teenager’s life isn’t going to be short on stress. However, for families that experience the worst breakouts, acne control can make a tremendous difference in the confidence and comfort of a growing young adult. If you’ve had to live with painful memories of how acne made you feel, you should take some comfort in knowing that for your children, those experiences be a thing of the past.