A PHD student at Dalhousie in Halifax named Alec Falkenham believes that he may have come up with an easy and painless way to remove tattoos – through a cream treatment. While many tattoo removal creams are already being sold on the market at your local drugstore, we have see that the results are generally not what’s advertised.

We at [acf field=”practice_name” post_id=”options”] like to keep up to date on new potential treatments and share the findings with our clients. We are hear to answer any questions that you may have. Below is a little information on this new potential innovation as it stand so far.

How Does it work?

Falkenham notes that this cream works by targeting cells in the body and virtually killing the cells that hold the pigment that form the tattoo. The colouring in a tattoo works by cells called microphages being effected by the tattoo ink, leaving a permanent pigmentation.

The PHD student notes that By penetrating the skin, his cream is meant to counteract the reaction of the microphages, thus fading the tattoo. In addition, as it penetrates the skin, he claims that this will not cause any long-term skin damage.

Does it work?

At this point, little is known about the treatment other than that it’s still in the research stages and that it is currently in the process of being tested on the ears of pigs.  Falkenham also notes that this treatment is best reserved for darker pigmentation tattoos and those over two years old. While there has not yet been a successful complete removal, Dalhousie will be continuing with the reasearch and attempt to patent the product in the future.

Alternative to Laser?

Thus far there has been no indication that a tattoo removal cream will be as effective or have the same long lasting effects as laser removal treatment. Without further information we cannot at this point say if this would be a safe, healthy or effective alternative to laser treatments as long-term effects and evidence has not yet been produced.

We like to stay on top of new research, and reach out to our clients to answer any questions that they might have with regards to this new treatment. Please don’t hesitate to ask us when you come in for your laser removal consultation.