Plastic Surgery – Choosing Juvederm Fillers Instead

Let’s be honest. Kelowna Plastic surgery can be an intimidating process. Think about it. You’re allowing someone to perform surgery on your face.  It really doesn’t sound like all that an appealing process. Not to mention, the results of plastic surgery can be quite shocking if done incorrectly – and for the wrong reasons. The fake, plastic-look couldn’t possibly be what people are going for, is it?

“It’s all about regaining one’s youth,” a friend of mine pointed out recently during a discussion about the topic, “It’s not that they particularly like the idea of plastic surgery. They just like the idea of not having wrinkles. People can’t help but get old. But if there’s something you can do about looking old, then why wouldn’t you go for it? It’s too bad there isn’t a better solution.”

But there is! Perhaps the reason that kelowna plastic surgery is so popular is because not everyone knows about its alternative. Juvederm soft lift treatments provide incredible results for those who are looking to ward off the signs of aging. A “soft lift” is not a face lift. It’s a much safer alternative that actually provides a much more natural outcome. There is no plastic surgery involved.

In other words, there is no cutting and stretching of your face! Instead, injectable fillers work to provide a more balanced and refreshed look in all areas of the face. Juvéderm treats crow’s feet, forehead lines, frown lines, smile lines and marionette lines (the ones on either side of your lips, going down to your chin). It also helps to add volume to your cheeks, lips and chin.

A product such as Juvederm is especially important because the signs of aging are inevitable. But just because we all get wrinkles eventually doesn’t mean that we should be putting ourselves in danger. Face lifts have caused too many complications for patients to consider it a safe and effective solution to looking older. Juvederm fillers are non-surgical, gentle approaches to a more natural and youthful look.

In a video that can be found on YouTube:

YouTube video player

Dr. Shervin Naderi demonstrates just how effective Juvederm injections are in the treatment of laugh lines. He is very thorough and descriptive throughout the procedure. The video also brings to light just how quick a treatment can be. Lasting only eight and a half minutes, Dr. Naderi’s video highlights another great benefit to choosing Juvederm over kelowna plastic surgery.

Not only can patients be in and out of the office within minutes, but there is little to no downtime necessary. After getting a face lift, patients are often out of commission for days. Many people find it important to look young regardless of their age. But wasted days following intense and intrusive surgery make it sound like it causes more stress than it’s worth.

And adding stress to your life is certainly no way to look young! It’s time you stop thinking about cutting your face open with kelowna plastic surgery. Instead, consider a less invasive option with superb results.