By: Dr. Craig Crippen

Customer testimony goes a long way. Just ask any business owner. It’s widely known throughout all service industries that the best type of promotion is word-of-mouth. When a customer is truly happy with a product or service, he or she is generally only too glad to tell others about it. Naturally, the same can be said about happy patients. Who better to trust than someone whose gone through the experience?

When I hear actual people who have undergone certain procedures exclaim their gleeful gratitude towards the results, it’s quite convincing. Perhaps, this is why CoolSculpting has exploded in popularity the way it has. It is fast becoming widely known as an excellent alternative to intrusive and dangerous fat-removing surgeries like liposuction. Not only that, it’s also getting quite the reputation for being incredibly effective.

Just ask Stacie. She is one such happy patient who has undergone CoolSculpting treatments and is quite happy telling others about its wonders. In a recently posted YouTube video, Stacie explains that she decided to get CoolSculpting done because she had areas of “stubborn fat” that presented quite a nuisance. Like most people, Stacie didn’t have two hours a day to spend in the gym.

In should be noted, by the way, that even those who do spend two hours a day in the gym aren’t necessarily doing themselves any favours in the stubborn fat-removal department. It’s called “stubborn fat” for a reason. And, in many cases, a healthy diet and regular exercise regime is still not enough to completely dispose of dreaded belly fat, muffin tops, bra bulges and love handles.

patients love coolsculpting resultsCoolSculpting works to destroy fat cells through a freezing process. Utilizing a fascinating technology that freezes fat cells without damaging surrounding tissue and skin, the treatments help for the body to naturally dispose of those fat cells. This helps patients to contour their bodies in ways that they’ve been dreaming about – and working for – for many years.

Stacie points out that the fact that CoolSculpting is not a scalpel-required surgery is one of its greatest benefits. “CoolSculpting is more appealing to me because it’s not invasive,” she says in the YouTube clip. She goes on to reveal that following her treatments, she was able to return to the shape she had when she was in college. Stubborn fat be gone!

The results, she continues, are obvious. There is more definition in her shape and her clothes seem to flatter her body so much more than they used to. Not to mention, Stacie tends to garner a lot more attention when wearing a bathing suit. There’s no question, in her mind, that when it comes to eliminating stubborn fat, CoolSculpting is the most worthwhile choice.

“I think if people knew the process and how easy it was and how affordable it was, that they would probably consider doing it,” says Stacie. If you’re considering CoolSculpting, be sure to speak to an experienced physician to get more information. Feel free, of course, to contact DermMedica toll free at 1-866-861-3070, or if you are in Kelowna, call 250-868-3070.