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Love the Laser for your Skin

Over the past couple of months, I have certainly been getting my fill (not sure if the pun is intended or not) on the many different skin treatments that are out there. Add a bit of research with a dose of some experiences had by loved ones, and I’ve put together a recipe of knowledge that I find very enlightening.

You see, us girls love our skin care products. Admittedly, keeping a smooth and supple appearance is something most of us take pride in, so we treat our skin as best we can. This is also why when many of my friends hear the word “laser” in the same sentence as “skin”, they generally freak right out!

Odd how no one I know is afraid of the laser that plays their CDs and DVDs. No one seems to mind that invisible lasers heat up their food in the microwave. But when it comes to their skin, the “un-enlightened” (as I like to call them now) have a panic attack when any type of laser treatment is even suggested.

Not that I have a lot friends with bad skin. But we’ve all had our fair share of acne, moles and sun damage. This is why I’ve taken on the task of waking them up to the wonders of Erbium Laser. Now, don’t freak out girls! We don’t live in a cartoon, this laser will not slice you in half, I promise!

Erbium lasers heat water to the point at which it vaporizes. By aiming these lasers at problem skin areas, they are able to gently remove damaged skin cells exposing the fresh layers of skin underneath. Younger and smoother looking skin is the end result as the laser’s heat stimulates the growth of new collagen.

The best part for any worry warts (again, another pun – probably intended this time) is that the entire procedure usually lasts between 15 and 20 minutes. Naturally, once the procedure is done, it’s recommended that the treated skin be moisturized and cleaned regularly so as to limit any irritation.

Generally, within a week, you’re as good as new. Even better! Perhaps, instead of “laser”, it should be referred to as “youth beam” or “smooth light”. I’m sure my friends would have an easier time considering Erbium Laser treatments for their “blemishes” and other skin concerns, if that was the case.

But, as I’ve learned. It doesn’t matter what it’s called. It’s all about what it does. And I know that Erbium Laser, in addition to other laser-involved skin treatments, are far less worrisome than what is usually first assumed.