Make Laser Tattoo Removal Your New Ink Master

The tattoo craze is a runaway train. There’s no question that getting tattoos remains a popular trend. It is likely that people will continue to get permanently inked up for many years to come. Reality television shows like Spike TV’s “Ink Master” are a testament to that. It has gotten to the point where people are competing to become the world’s next best tattoo artist.

Watching these shows, however, does more than provide a little bit of entertainment. While many of the tattoos designed on this show are quite awe-inspiring thanks to their artistry, they are also quite jaw-dropping as well. And I don’t mean in the “hey, that’s really cool” type of way. To be completely honest, the more I see these shows, the less I understand the fascination with tattoos.

Dave Navarro, the host of “Ink Master”, is understandably quite the tattoo connoisseur himself. In one clip of the show found on YouTube:

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he admits that while many of his tattoos have deep, sentimental value, some of the pieces of art he has chosen to place on his body were done so simply because they looked “cool”. The show also demonstrates that those who like tattoos, like them a lot. And therefore, get many all over their bodies.

Tattoos, for the most part, are really cool pieces of art. That much is true. But do they belong on our bodies? Perhaps, if tattoos were like clothing – you know, things that you can put on and take off at any time you please – they would be more appealing. But when a piece of art is meant to stay on your body forever, it just feels unsettling to me – no matter how cool it looks.

Speaking from the perspective of someone without tattoos, maybe it’s easy for me to be dissuaded from ever entering an artist’s chair. However, these sentiments are shared by many a person with a tattoo. As a result, Laser Tattoo Removal is arguably just as popular as getting the tattoos themselves. Evidently, for every tattoo that a person is happy with, there is one that is considered a mistake.

So it appears that as long as getting tattoos remains a popular craze, removing them will be equally in style. It’s a good thing that Laser Tattoo Removal is a safe and effective way to gradually remove tattoos without causing any scarring to the skin. At DermMedica, the Alexandrite Q-Switched Laser and the NdYag Q-Switched Laser are used to perform the treatment.

These excellent lasers are known to remove both black and coloured tattoos over the course of four to eight sessions. Depending on the tattoo, more sessions may be required. The size, colour and age of the tattoo will all have an impact on exactly how many sessions are needed. But how do the lasers work? They emit high amounts of energy that destroy tiny ink particles in the skin.

The destruction of these ink particles is what inevitably leads to their lightening and disappearance. Dave Navarro may enjoy getting tattoos and he is certainly enjoying the success of “Ink Master”. But not everyone is happy with the ink they’ve decided to tattoo themselves with, so consider laser tattoo removal for those unwanted tattoos.

If you’re one of those people, call DermMedica toll free at 1-866-861-3070, or if you are in Kelowna, call 250-868-3070.