By: Dr. Craig Crippen

A Laser Hair Removal Clinic Solution

It’s probably stating the obvious to mention that Laser Hair Removal can permanently remove unwanted hair from your body. But as mentioned in my last blog, there is a secondary benefit to undergoing these treatments. And it’s one that can help many people do away with the perils of waxing and tweezing, and especially shaving.

Laser Hair Removal has also been known to synchronize hair growth. My friend – you know the one with uncontrollable beard growth? – explains that one of his biggest pet peeves is that after shaving, his facial hair grows unevenly. Hair does tend to grow in staggered cycles, making some whiskers longer than others. After a Laser Hair Removal clinic treatment, however, all hairs are drawn into the same cycle of growth.

This effectively produces two positive outcomes. The first is that if you are looking to regulate your hair growth – something my bearded friend would enjoy – then you’re in the money. Secondly, if you want to eliminate hair growth completely, a few more sessions will end up doing the trick. How so?

Some patients actually begin thinking that their hair is growing more quickly after their first Laser Hair Removal clinic treatment. In actuality, the hair is growing at the same rate and in the same phase. What this does is allows for future Laser Hair Removal treatments to be more effective because the lasers cannot treat hairs that are in their resting phase.

The procedure does, however, work better on darker hair colours. It has everything to do with the absorption of the laser’s heat energy. It’s not much different then wearing black in the sunlight. You tend to feel warmer because the darkness of the clothing absorbs more heat.

What that means is that the darker your hair, the easier it is for Laser Hair Removal to work. Lighter hair naturally absorbs less energy and this results in less permanent damage to the hair follicles. Sink tone also plays a big factor in the effectiveness of the laser. Lighter skin, like lighter hair, absorbs less heat. So it allows for the laser to focus on the darker hair making it more prone to removal.

The darker your skin, the more heat it will absorb, so it makes it harder for the laser hair treatment to be effective. As with pretty much everything else in life, results can vary from person to person. And, as always, it’s best to consult a licensed physician before making any decisions about what treatments would work best for you.

At the end of the day, what’s most important is that you find a solution that makes you happy. Regaining a sense of lost confidence can certainly do wonders for your overall happiness. And if unwanted hair is holding you back from attending social engagements or making more of yourself, it’s time you looked into the life-changing solution that is Laser Hair Removal clinic treatments.