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In last week’s blog, I began discussing a few simple ways that we can keep our skin looking young and healthy. In fact, simply avoiding some common everyday practices like neglecting the use of sunscreen or inhaling cigarette smoke are easy ways to keep your healthful glow.

However, I ended the blog by mentioning that proper hydration is another simple way of keeping your skin in great condition. The bottom line is that we should all be drinking adequate amounts of water on a daily basis. How much water is adequate, you ask? Well, we’ve all heard the “eight glasses a day” theory right?
But according to, “if your urine isn’t clear, you are drinking too little water. This is hard on your kidneys, and can lead to painful stones and/or urinary tract infection. Plus, it causes your skin to be as flexible as leather and look about the same.” So, in other words, “drink up!”

When discussing this with my friends, however, many of them made sure to point out that they have plenty to drink all day long. Somehow, they figure that as long as the beverage is wet, they must be getting hydrated! Well, the truth is…they couldn’t be more wrong. Soda, for example, is a popular choice amongst my friends.

As points out, both the caffeine and sodium contained in soda is dehydrating. So drinking pop actually provides the opposite effect that one would be looking for when thirsty. In addition to not helping out your skin, the carbonation in soft drinks reduces the amount of calcium in your bones.

Heavy soda pop drinkers are setting themselves up for an early onset of osteoporosis – as well as bad, nutrient-deficient skin! And let’s not even get started on the sugar content. Alcohol is a villain to skin as well. You know how so many skin creams have those heavenly smells to them?

Well, if there is any alcohol in those creams – put there mainly for the scent – it isn’t doing your skin any favours. It should come as no surprise that alcohol dries out your skin. So you should do your best to both keep it off of your skin and out of your diet. Speaking of one’s diet, that’s another thing that many people overlook when considering skin care.

In next week’s blog, I’ll look at the very common practice of snacking on junk food, among other dietary no-no’s, to fill you in on just how badly your eating habits may be treating your skin. Until then, have a happy and healthful week. And keep wearing that sunblock!