By: Dr. Craig Crippen
Punctuation is important. Considering the number of blogs I write, I know all about the need to be up on good grammar and creative writing techniques. In some cases, parentheses are required to help provide a certain tone to a sentence (as if speaking under your breath to further a point). Quotations are also necessary whenever you are quoting someone or taking from a source who may have said something specific like “smooth eggs”.  Juvederm Filler to the rescue.
juvederm punches out punctuation in the skinAnd what’s the point of this English lesson? Well, as much as parentheses and quotations are great for blogs, they’re not as well-loved when they appear on our faces. Some people actually refer to their smile lines as brackets or parentheses, as they pretty much take on the same shape. Over time, our skin begins to develop these lines around the mouth, and most people attribute them to aging.

To a lesser extent, crow’s feet are also compared to quotation marks. The lines that surround our eyes when we start tacking on the years are among the first noticeable signs of aging. We could apply all of the skin moisturizers that we want, but eventually, Mother Nature will take over and our skin will wrinkle in places we wish it wouldn’t. That’s okay though. Hope should never be lost.

Juvederm filler injections are fast becoming the most popular of punctuation killers available today. Specifically, when it comes to the filling in of smile lines and crow’s feet, as well as other wrinkles such as frown lines (between the eyes), forehead lines and even marionette lines (that appear underneath the mouth), Juvederm is the natural solution.

“We specifically use Juvederm Filler which is a collagen preparation,” explains Dr. Jeffrey Gold in a clip entitled “Parentheses Have A Place – But Not on Your Face” that can be found on YouTube. “Collagen is a naturally occurring substance, and when we use Juvéderm properly, we can fill in those lines around the mouth without making the face appear artificially flattened.”

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One of Dr. Gold’s patients also appears in the clip and explains how she turned to Juvederm Filler after noticing visible smile lines on her face. “I had seen the results that Dr. Gold was getting with some of our other patients,” she explains, “We gave it a try, and the results are wonderful.” This patient is not alone in reporting “wonderful” results. Juvederm has become quite popular due to the natural look that it provides.

Many people who express interest in ridding their faces of facial lines also admit to concern about looking fake or plastic looking. Dr. Gold puts such fears to rest by explaining that Juvederm Filler is nothing like your average cosmetic treatment. It simply acts a space filler, he explains. Nothing is cut, nothing is stretched. And the results are actually quite long lasting.

He notes that even after the first injection, noticeable results are seen quickly and can last anywhere between six and nine months. During that time, a second injection will generally show incredible results that may last upwards of two years. For more information regarding Juvederm Filler, contact your local Juvederm filler specialist.