Cosmetic surgery has never been as female-dominated an activity as some people might imagine. It may have been true that men were less likely to talk about having cosmetic surgery, but it’s always been popular for them—particularly among entertainment and political figures who spend all their time in the public eye. Even a reluctance to discuss it is going by the wayside these days, though. As more and more men eagerly
take advantage of the newest technology, the lines between male and female preferences are starting to merge into surgery for couples.

The Story of Ira and Roberta Almeas

The growing popularity of this trend was recently covered by USA Today. This interesting piece, which can be found here, examined the fascinating interest that husband and wife Ira and Roberta Almeas have with “growing younger together.” To them, the confidence and satisfaction that come with these procedures was something to be shared together.

As you might expect, Roberta was the first person in the relationship to experiment with cosmetic surgery. Her husband Ira quickly followed because, to paraphrase, he wanted to look as good as her. Ira’s satisfaction with the results of the procedures, which he describes as “refreshing and energetic”, has been consistent with how a lot of men are responding to these treatments for the first time.

It’s worth wondering whether it may have taken Roberta’s pioneering to get Ira interested in the first place, but that’s a question that is starting to matter less and less. Men these days seem happy to take their own initiative when it comes pursuing these treatments. Cosmetic treatments have seen a rapid increase in popularity among men.

Rapid Development among Men

Millions of men now choose cosmetic surgery every year in North America. It’s certainly more popular than it’s ever been, and there are several reasons that may be the case.

Less Stigma

Cosmetic surgery just isn’t something that men need to be nervous about sharing, anymore. In fact, some people have gone as far as to suggest it’s something that can give men the kind of competitive edge they’re constantly looking for in their careers. That’s become a particularly popular reason as older men are trying to break back into the workforce and competing with younger men.

Better Technology

The improvement in technology goes hand-in-hand with the decreased stigma, because it’s no longer completely obvious that work has been done. Cosmetic surgery has never been that particularly risky, but the newest treatments have really set new standards when it comes to being non-invasive. Plenty of modern treatments have barely any noticeable side effects, and the only difference people notice is the improved look. No more “balloon” or “leathery” looks like the old days.

Longer, Healthier Life Span

Men and women alike are enjoying longer lifespans. They’re healthier and active for longer periods as well, and they both want to look better for that time. Men are definitely not as satisfied with looking their age as they used to be. This leads to a lot more concern about appearance, and cosmetic surgery is an easy and effective solution.