HEAT BASED PROCEDURES (Liposonix, Laser Lipolysis, Velashape, Zerona and others)

  • DELIVER INTENSE HEAT through the skin, resulting in traumatic, painful and sudden cell death (necrosis).
  • NON-SPECIFIC ENERGY DELIVERY, and as a result, tissue beyond the fat cells are affected and destroyed.
  • PATIENTS OFTEN REQUIRE PAIN MANAGEMENT, increasing case complexity and decreasing patient satisfaction.
  • TECHNIQUE DEPENDENT with small margin of error.  This means the success of the procedure is operator-dependant so you may have good results if your technician is having a good day.
  • Examples of Heat-Based Fat reduction are: Liposonix, Laser Lipolysis, Velashape, Zerona and more.  CoolSculpting is the only non-heat-based fat reduction procedure available today.


  • EXTRACTS ENERGY to cool fat cells and trigger their natural cell death (apoptosis).  The fat cells simply die off naturally without unnecessary trauma to other tissues.
  • EXTRACTS ONLY ENOUGH ENERGY to selectively target fat cells — other cells and tissue remain unharmed because of the selective nature of this procedure only fat cells are targeted.
  • PATIENTS TOLERATE PROCEDURE WELL without the need for medication during treatment.
  • NOT TECHNIQUE DEPENDENT which means that each treatment is computer controlled for optimal results.  This takes the operator out of the equation so you get the best results possible with no human error possibilities.