It’s important to be comfortable in your own skin. And while this is a term that is often used to insist upon one treating his or herself with a measure of respect and acceptance, the phrase should also be taken literally. After all, imagine what it would be like if it were literally uncomfortable to be living in your own skin.

No one enjoys being dry, scaly or itchy. I remember a summer long ago when I spent too long a time in the sun one day. I spent a very sunny day at Wasaga Beach and didn’t consider for a second that it might be worthwhile to throw on a little sunscreen. My reward was a severe burn that took me on a horrible excursion through soreness, itching and finally peeling. Never again.

Now I make it a point to take adequate care of my skin, applying sunscreen when I know I may be in the sun for lengthy periods of time. Moreover, I also ensure that it’s kept clean and moisturized. I’m not alone. Women especially (or so it seems) go to great lengths to secure body lotions and other cosmetics for the process of keeping their skin looking young, supple and smooth.

But can we be overdoing it? As important as it is for us to look and feel our best, it is equally important to take proper precaution with the products we use on our skin. On – a website with women-focused content – Star Stevenson lists a number of common skin care mistakes that I’d like to give my two cents on. Let’s band together and stop the madness, shall we?

Using Harsh Face Cleansers. There are plenty of commercials on television about facial cleansers that promise to eliminate acne and keep your skin smooth. But as Stevenson points out, just because they foam up doesn’t mean your cleanser is doing its job. Those with dry skin may want to avoid harsh cleansers as they tend to dry your skin out even further. Instead, she says, consider cold creams or cleansing oils.

Not Drinking Enough Water. References to this common mistake have made their way into my blogs before. Keeping your body hydrated is a great way to keep your skin looking its best. Not to mention, it helps to provide optimum health overall. Stay away from those sugary drinks. Soda pop won’t cut it!

Using The Wrong Moisturizer. We all have different skin types. Some are dry and some are oily. It’s important to determine exactly what type of skin you have so you know what type of moisturizer to buy. There are a lot of different products out there. So take the time to find the one that is right for you.

Not Rinsing Your Back After Conditioning Your Hair. Now it gets interesting. Sometimes, we are so used to doing certain things that we completely forget that we are doing them wrong. Yes, your hair may be rinsed clean, but if your back has not been, your hair conditioner may become the cause of your “backne”. Stevenson notes that it may clog pores on your back if not rinsed properly.