Liposuction Can Lead To Nightmares

Why is it that people are so prone to doing what is most dangerous for them? That may seem like a loaded question, but it certainly has garnered a right to be asked. I couldn’t help but think this, the other day, when one of my best friends insisted on hitting a fast food drive-through window at about three in the morning. This is one of his usual practices.

“I’m hungry,” he insisted. And I understood, of course, that at that time of night high-in-fat, loaded-with-sugar fast foods are the cheapest and easiest meals to get your hands on. Just as easy as such foods will make you sick, is coming upon the thought that surgery is the go-to solution for ridding one’s self of the excess fat that comes as a result of unhealthy eating.

I couldn’t help but think this, the other day, after viewing a shocking news report, on YouTube:

that detailed a woman’s nightmarish outcome of a liposuction surgery. The report highlights the horrifying experiences of flight attendant, Marcia Beaird, who suffered a near-fatal infection after getting liposuction.

“My organs had shut down and I was septic throughout my body,” recalls Beaird. Because liposuction obviously involves the cutting of the skin, there are chances that bacteria may enter the body. Sadly, this was the case for Beaird, explains Dr. Paul Wigoda. He tended to Ms. Beaird when she was rushed to the emergency room following her surgery.

What followed was months of skin grafting that Dr. Wigoda admits he had never attempted before. There was so much infected skin and fat that the doctor had to go to such great lengths to save Ms. Beaird’s life. “It was a horrible experience,” he admits. Of course, this particular incident can be classified as an extreme case. But it bears mentioning that liposuction, quite simply, can be dangerous.

It’s no wonder that the non-surgical, fat-freezing procedure known as CoolSculpting is so rapidly growing in popularity. This treatment requires no cutting, anesthesia, needles or injections. So, right off the bat, patients can put away their fears of getting any type of deadly infection. CoolSculpting is both FDA & Health Canada approved.

And the best thing about it, by the way, is that it works! Here’s hoping that the more popular that treatments like CoolSculpting get, the less people will choose dangerous measures to get the results they want. If you’re someone who experiences bra bulges, banana rolls, muffin tops and love handles, do not think that liposuction is your only way out!