The “Accent” for Skin Tightening

You may recall that a number of weeks back, I discussed by Aunt Candy’s BOTOX Cosmetic Treatment and how it changed her life…literally! My always upbeat aunt felt that the wrinkles in her forehead were beginning to make her look like an intolerable grouch. And if you know my Aunt Candy – who got her name based on her “sweetness” – you know that she doesn’t even know what grouchiness is.
The BOTOX really helped to smooth things out…again, literally! And having gone through the painless procedure, my aunt had been opened up to the other methods by which skin tightening can be achieved. “Have you heard of ‘Accent’?” she asked me last weekend. My Aunt Candy, you see, now prides herself on being the authority on beautifying, age-battling treatments.

“Yes, a guy I went to school with who is from Italy has the cutest accent ever,” I replied. “Very funny,” was the response I got. “Accent”, as I soon learned, is another skin-tightening procedure that seems to be used, more often than not, to treat various parts of the body that may appear saggy or loose.

Now, I can’t say that Aunt Candy is in bad shape or anything, but a lady her age (she’d kill me if I revealed it) can always use a little “help in the tightening-up department” (her words, not mine!). It’s not uncommon for women, who may be considered “middle aged” to complain of things like cellulite, for example.

“So how does ‘Accent’ work to battle cellulite?” I asked. Using an advanced radio frequency (or RF), new collagen is stimulated, helping to improve the texture of the skin’s surface. Essentially, the collagen is broken down and reorganized in such a way that it thickens the dermal layer of skin. This produces the tightening effect.

Aunt Candy hasn’t yet decided to go ahead with an Accent appointment, but from the way she’s talking, there’s a 30-minute trip to the clinic in her future. The procedure, which generally isn’t much longer than half an hour, causes no discomfort for patients. Even better, patients leave the clinic with no side effects or causes to prevent them from their normal activities.

I did a bit of research on Accent treatment myself. I must admit, I wouldn’t mind getting a bit of an ‘Accent’ myself! Not that I need it just yet…but if there’s a better way to battle cellulite, I haven’t discovered it. And hey, if it helps my Italian former-classmate to notice me, all the better!