For Better Botox Treatments, Penticton Comes to DermMedica

If you have a painful or embarrassing skin condition you don’t have to suffer with it any longer.

There are options available for skin care and treatment that help to relieve pain and visible signs of many conditions. The staff at DermMedica has the experience and knowledge to treat different skin problems with advanced technology. Regardless of your stage in life, or how long you’ve been suffering, we can help. Contact our offices to book a consultation and come up with a treatment plan today. We’ll give you an idea of how we can help before you make the drive from Penticton for your treatments.

Modern Technology

Skin care and technology are always evolving. New technological developments and treatments are coming out all the time. At DermMedica we are always on top of new treatments and are often the first clinic in BC or the Okanagan to offer a new treatment. Current treatments offer results that wouldn’t have been possible years ago. On top of being more effective they are also safer with fewer risks and are less invasive.

There are so many different skin problems out there and everybody’s needs are a little bit different. We offer a broad range of treatments and services to cover as many potential conditions and patient needs as possible.

Botox is one of the most popular of our treatments among Penticton patients. It removes wrinkles and makes skin look tighter. Botox can help take years off your appearance. Our laser hair removal treatments can remove unwanted hair saving embarrassment and the hassle of shaving. For tattoos that you’ve come to regret, we offer laser tattoo removal.

On top of our most popular treatments we offer a range of other services. If you have a skin disease ask us about potential treatment options. We can help treat Rosacea and Melasma. Coolsculpting is a new and very popular fat removal technique. It is non-invasive and using freezing. There are no cuts or injections.

Call from Penticton for Botox Treatments

We are happy to provide answers to your questions and to discuss potential treatments. We do not pressure or rush you. It’s our job to make you feel comfortable and provide you with the information you need.

Phone: 250-868-3070

Address: 1626 Richter St., Suite 200
(downtown Kelowna, adjacent to Safeway)

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